Thursday 7 August 2014

My #Nozstock Review

On friday I went to # Nozstock it was BRILIONT aspesholy MrB. When we were there we first got all the stuf and put it on the wagon. Next we put up the tent the tent is big and green Then went to the musisice it was great. The next day we srait awey went to the musice.The Dinosaur stage was big/enomas plus the eyes glood in the dark.We sore a band could Le galaxie they plaid songs called disco.They were wering silver couts the leeder was so cool I maid somthing abobut him he is buld but has a big beard his beard could be his hair if he could rip it of. Next we went back beacose we were getting tired. We heard the music just when we were getting in the tent it started to sriously rain.

The next morning it was still raining and we had to stay in the tent wich is a bit bonkas. When it stopped raining we went to see some more music. I had pizza for lunch then we watched Sophie do this puppet thing.

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